Dentist Dr. Theodor Paeßens

1980-1982 Studies of pharmacy in Düsseldorf (intermediate diploma)
1982-1986 Studies of dentistry in Münster
1986-1987 Qualification as MD at University Münster
1987-1989 Assistent dentist in two practices
seit 1989 Working in this practice
2002-2003 Parodontologie 200, Additional one-year traineeship with the key-activity "periodontotics " (Nijmegen - Frankfurt)
2003 - today Member of the study group "Implantology und Augmentation" Karl Häupl Institute Düsseldorf
2004-2006 Curiculum Implantology Dentist Chamber North Rhine
2006-2008 Examination as Master of Science (MSc) Implantology Danube University Krems - Bonn
  • Working in the diszipline "implatology" since 1995
  • More than 80 courses for prosthodontics, diagnostics, periodontotics, etc.; all courses and live-demonstrations for prosthodontics with Prof. Alexander Gutowski (München - Nürnberg - Hamburg - Düsseldorf 1999 - 2004)
  • Father of four children